Atlanta Hawks off-season moves

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The Atlanta Hawks made some interesting moves this off season.   Their draft was questionable with acquiring Jordan Crawford, who probably won’t be as good as Jamal Crawford.  Jamal will be a free agent after the season, and the Jordan Crawford pick makes it seem like Jamal will be gone.  That seems ridiculous because Jamal was the 6th man of the year and is a proven scorer off the bench.  Jordan projects as the exact same player but is an unproven player .  After the new Collective Bargaining Agreement is signed, contracts for players like Jamal should be extremely reduced that what he could have got if he was a free agent this past offseason , which is why it doesn’t make sense to draft Jordan Crawford. 

The other big move made in the offseason was resigning Joe Johnson to a max contract.   The Hawks’ owners must be hoping by keeping him will add some sales from Hawks Jazz tickets.  Atlanta quickly re-signed him, and Joe Johnson was the first big name free agent to sign.  Why did the Hawks sign him so soon?   Did another team offer him a max contract   Did anyone even offer him any contract?   Joe Johnson’s deal will severly limit the Hawks in the future.  He’s not a top 10 player in the league, maybe a top 25 player?  The Hawks have great players, JJ, Josh Smith, and Al Horford, but no clear #1.  For teams without a clear #1, no one on the team should make #1 max money.  By year 3 of the JJ contract, when he is 32, the Hawks will be disappointed, but unable to move him.  When he’s 35, he’ll be making $30 million.  The Hawks have to hope they are sold out of Hawks Clippers tickets to pay for him.  The Hawks obviously felt that they would take a huge step back if he left the team but would any team have given him a max contract?  The Knicks would have been the only possible team, but they wouldn’t have thought about it until after “The Decision”.  More NBA teams need to be willing to let go of great players that get laughably overpaid.  The NY Knicks would be in the same situation they were in three years ago if they gave max deals to Amare and JJ, no cap space because they stupidly spent it on non-Superstars.  History repeats itself, and stupid teams repeat their mistakes.  By wanting to continue their success into the future by keeping Joe Johnson, the Hawks managed to hurt their future success by paying him too much. 

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