Basketball Defense- Make Them Lose with Fewer Points

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There should be no question about the critical role of beginner basketball defense. Just like offensive plays, defensive plays occupy a whole topic section. It is so important that a whole arena of people scream it when the opposing team has the ball. Despite its critical role though, many teams still fail to put more effort into it.

One possible reason why the concept is being downplayed is the overwhelming obsession over scoring more points. Fame and maybe fortune await the player who can shoot the most. Shallow play analysis further stress who has made the most points. This is when people forget that in most cases, guarding the team with the ball is just as important.

Coaches should remind players that only through defensive basketball can the opponent’s score be significantly limited. There is really no requirement for players to score more than a hundred points to grab the winning slot. All they need to do is to stop the other team from shooting the ball through tight defense. Here are some tips to consider.

#1- Stance and balance are everything.

Good defense relies a lot on stance. The right form on court is what can stop the other players from scoring. It also helps maintain defensive players’ balance and provides clear opportunities to gain ball possession. Basic basketball defense starts with bended knees. This puts a player’s head on the same level as an opponent’s chest. Feet have to be far apart and at shoulder’s width at the most. This position is the best to adopt because
it will prevent tipping in high contact instances. In addition, defensive players would do well to put one foot and one hand forward in front of a player’s dominant half. This will block a shooter’s movement as much as possible and will allow an easy steal.

#2- Defend against other players not handling the ball.

It’s easy not to see what’s going on with other players when so much action surrounds the ball handler. Not paying attention to each member of a team however is a big error on the part of a defending team. Defensive basketball is not all about stopping the current ball handler. It is also about making sure that the ball doesn’t eventually make it to other open players.

#3- Put pressure on the opponent.

The longer a game gets, the more tempting it gets to loosen defense. Loose defense is easy to detect in player facial and body expressions. A team on defense however should attempt to cover tell tale signs. From the very beginning, team members must consistently put pressure on their opponents. This can be done by keeping facial expressions and body actions a little on the aggressive. Putting foot and hand forward for example are direct indications of the intention to steal, intimidate or block movement.

These fundamental tips for basketball for beginners defense are enough to get beginners started on mastering the true key to winning. There are however, other more advanced tips that need to be mastered. There is no better way to winning than by making sure opponents don’t get anywhere close to making good shots.

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