Can the Magic keep up with the Heat next year?

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The Magic have kept the core of their 2009-10 team in tact to compete with the new favorites in Florida .  The Magic matched Chicago’s offer to keep J.J. Redick   The Magic also signed Chris Duhon and Quentin Richardson These are not big moves, the Magic want to keep what they had before to compete with the Heat   Those moves won’t get fans excited to get their Magic Bobcats tickets for next year.

Richardson keeps his bags packed on his quest to play for every NBA team before he’s done by playing for the Clippers, Suns, Knicks, Memphis (traded before he could log any minutes), Clippers again (only was there for 3 days in the summer so again, no minutes logged), Timberwolves (embarrassingly traded again to the Heat before having a chance to actually prove himself on the court), Heat, and now the Magic so far in his career.  The big change with the Magic will be if he takes over Matt Barnes’ starting role with the team if the Magic want to keep Pietrus as their energy guy off the bench.  I’m hoping Stan Van Gundy will allow Pietrus the chance to start, he was fun to watch in the Atlanta series in the playoffs.   Letting Barnes go will be an even bigger mistake if he signs with the Heat to provide them some defense and toughness.   Richardson’s defense will be horrible, along with Carter’s and Lewis’ defense.   Barnes provides an interior scoring option that Carter provides less and less of as his career moves forward.   I hope the Heat-Magic playoff series happens to watch the Magic get swept in 4.  I’m interested to see if Magic fans concord and we’ll see how those Magic Nuggets tickets sell.   

I don’t understand Orlando’s obsession with perimter players   Q-Rich won’t be defending anyone or stepping inside the 3 point line very often on offense.   I don’t see why the Magic traded for him, I’d rather have Barnes for the same price.   The Magic have enough perimeter scorers, Barnes provides some much needed toughness and inside scoring.

Adding Duhon signals Jason Williams is done with the Magic The Magic got a deal on him considering he started for the Knicks for most of the season.   There should be some chemistry with the back up unit because Duhon and Redick played at Duke together. 

The starting team around Howard of Nelson, Carter, Richardson, and Lewis won’t be doing very much damage inside or playing much defense next year, and that’s why they won’t be doing any damage in the playoffs.

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