Cleveland Cavaliers have a chance at history Saturday

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So how many wins is LeBron James worth?   Somewhere between 40 and 50 games, and more than a few Cleveland Cavaliers courtside.  The Cavs are on pace to win 14 games right now, and with LeBron, their record for the past two seasons was 66-16 in 08-09 and 61-21 in 09-10 .  That makes LeBron worth about 50 wins to that team.   It doesn’t really look like the Cavs will win a championship before Miami right now unless a college player takes two or three steps up at the end of the NCAA season.

The Cavs are looking at a new record, but one that probably won’t help sales of Cavaliers Clippers tickets .  Cleveland has 22 straight losses right now, one behind the record of 23.   Cleveland plays Memphis on Friday, and the Grizzlies will probably be favored somewhere in the teens.  The play the next night against Portland, who isn’t great on the road, but will still be favored.   More than likely, they’ll set the record (who wants to just tie a record, go all out and set the record!), and be a terrible team for many years to come.   They’re doesn’t seem to be a franchise changer in college basketball right now, Harrison Barnes has been playing better lately, Sullinger has surprised people, but Kyrie Irving is an unknown.  Perry Jones has been getting some #1 buzz, and if he plays well in the tournament, he could be an interesting pick for Cleveland and help sell those Cavaliers Hornets tickets .  Perry Jones is my pick to try to help turn around the franchise, once the draft comes around, scouts and media will go crazy over his “upside” saying he has the most of any big man in the draft.  If Kyrie doesn’t play any this year, it will just be too risky to take him #1.


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