Easy Stretching Exercise Routines Before Sport

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Easy Stretching Exercise Routines Prior to Sport

Everyone ends up doing some exercise activity at some point; whether it is a regular exercise, a sport or a game that you like. Whatever the reason for your exercises, you will doubtless end up pushing your body hard at some point. When this chance happens, you need to be prepared for the strain your body will receive. The best way to do this is to be sure to do some simple stretching exercises before you indulging in straining physical activity of any kind. Stretching exercises also help improve your balance and coordination as they can be an effective balance exercises in their own right. You must always make sure to stretch out your shoulders and neck, your arms, and your back and legs, all of which are most likely to be used and are more than likely to be injured or strained.

Simple Stretching Exercises:

Neck Stretches
It is imperative to stretch your neck as having tight neck muscles can lead to backaches and headaches, and you can cause serious injuries if you are not careful. Neck stretches are Basic to perform. Simply stand with your shoulders loose and your arms down, and then turn your neck forward, back, and side to side, holding each position for five seconds. This limbers up your neck muscles and can be simply performed anywhere.

Upper Arms/Shoulder Stretching Routines
The simplest stretching exercise you canperform for your upper arms and shoulders is to take an arm and bend it around your neck so that you have your elbow pointing outwards in front of you and your hand resting flat on the opposing shoulder blade. Hold that for about ten to ten to fifteen counts and then switch arms. This loosens up your upper arms and shoulders. You can also stand with your feet apart, knees slightly flexed and raise your arms overhead, holding an elbow with the opposite hand and bending in the same direction as the arm holding the elbow (so if your right hand is holding your left elbow, bend to the right). Hold it for ten to fifteen seconds, and then repeat on the opposite side.

Back Stretching Exercises
Most stretching exercise routines are going to unwittingly stretch your back too, but if you want to concentrate on your back for a stretch, try this one. Basically stand with your hands on your hips, twist your torso around with your feet flat on the floor and hold it for ten to fifteen seconds. Repeat this move in the opposing direction. This is a perfect stretching routine before doing core stabilization exercises.

Legs Stretching Exercise Routines
Legs should receive a lot of stretching concentration as no matter what you are doing, your legs are getting a workout. A simple stretch for your quads is to stand straight up and lift one leg up, cross it over your backside and hold onto your foot. Hold this position for ten to fifteen seconds and then do the opposing leg. Another one is to do a partial lunge: Place your hands on a wall and stretch out one leg, keeping the other one bent at a straight angle. Keep your feet in a straight line, one behind the other and hold for 10 to 15 counts. Then switch legs. A final one is to stretch your ankles by simply standing on one foot and gently rotating your other ankle and foot, then repeat for the opposite ankle.

It is very important to stretch before engaging in any kind of sports or physical activity. These are just a few ways to stretch; truly, you can do any sort of movement as long as you do it slowly, steadily and it forces your muscles to limber up and stretch out. Once you’re done, you will not only be ready to play or exercise with a better degree of safety, but you’ll also feel more like performing since the stretching will get your blood flowing and you’ll be pumped to get going.

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