How NLP can help you perform better…

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What are the real secrets to peak performance?

In this article we’re going to research the area of sporting performance, but you could easily apply the same precepts in any area of life. This will explore the area of NLP in sport.

several years ago there was a top world diver who produced the most incredible dives time after time. He won Olympic and world game medals. Except , one day he went  to do the dive and something happened – as he jumped he caught himself on the board and completely messed up the dive.

The bizarre thing was that the next time he did the dive , the same thing happened again !

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this sort of thing before , where you make an error and then it takes a while to get your performance back?

How does this happen?

Well, after he made the error in the first dive, just before he was about to dive again, he’d keep bringing to mind the time he had hit the board.

There is an important principle – your body will follow the last clear set of instructions that your mind has given it!

So if you retrieve making an error in the past just before you perform the action, you’re actually programming yourself to make the error again this time!

The real key is to program your mind with perfect performance – train your mind so your body will follow.

Having been coaching using NLP in sport for over a decade , and running NLP trainings in North London and internationally , I teach and utilise many different techniques that in truth help sports people get the edge in their performance.

The following steps can really help people better their performance.

1: Take a moment to relax and close your eyes

2: Imagine a movie in your mind of someone doing the behaviour that you want to do perfectly – keeping running this movie viewing what they are doing in as fine detail as possible

3: Now run through the same movie again, however now imagine it is you doing the activity, but with exactly the same behaviours as the expert . Keep running this movie until your performance is just the way you want it to be

4: The critical stage – run the same movie again, but now float into the movie so you are experiencing it as if it is happening at the moment – so imagine looking through your own eyes, seeing hearing and feeling everything. Experience what it feels like and what it is like looking through your own eyes doing this great performance. Really experience the feelings in your muscles as you run through the performance

5: If you need to make any other improvements ,  go back to step 2 and keep running through the steps until it is just right

When you practice the performance internally , you internally strengthen your ‘inner circuitry’ that help you perform the activity more easily next time .

We can all improve our performance in any area of life , and and these are some ways to get there .

Many athletes attend our NLP Trainings in North London and internationally and find that these steps make the critical difference.

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