How to Dunk: Why You Need the Jump Manual

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How To Dunk a Basketball


Ever wondered how to dunk…


Ever wondered how to dunk a Tomahawk (Kenny Walkers’), a “kiss the rim” (Michael Jordan), or a Honey Dip (Vince Carter) dunk? These dunks were made by basketball giants who believed that slam dunk is a science but, is it possible for you, a 6 foot amateur ball player, to even touch a basketball rim?


Or a more fitting question would be, “how can I dunk basketball like a pro”? It may seem like a pretty tough question to answer, but you should know that wanting to learn how to dunk is where every good slam dunker begins. And every good slam dunker and aspiring player starts with the Jump Manual.


How to Dunk: What’s All This Dunking About?


Back in the days when knowing how to dunk was still considered an unnecessary show-off during basketball games, no one saw its potentials. But today, knowing how to dunk a basketball is one of the coolest and most anticipated stunts in any ball game. Slam dunking is, as you’ve read earlier, a science. A person who can slam dunk not only can hit the ball straight into the ring, he can leap in bounds and heights no ordinary athlete easily does. In other words, knowing how to dunk is not really so much about the show but more of the players’ amazing skill set.


How to Dunk: What Makes Successful Slam Dunkers?


Players who are so obsessive about mastering the how to dunk moves understand that dunking is all about improving one’s vertical leap. A vertical jump measures one’s ability to raise his center of gravity as high as possible in a vertical plane using only support from the muscles. A vertical jump is a measure of one’s muscular strength and anaerobic power. The how to dunk guide made by Hiller have long recognized the sheer importance of honing your vertical jump for dunking and made it the focal point of his how to dunk manual.

How to Dunk: What is the Jump Manual?


The Jump Manual, simply put, is the only how to dunk manual that tackles vertical jumping in a holistic approach. Other vertical training programs that promise to teach you how to slam dunk focus on only one or two aspects and leave out the rest. In the Jump Manual, everything from the food you eat to the scientific principles behind strength building and muscle development is adequately covered. Compare this how to dunk resource to any other training kits available and you are sure to agree that the Jump Manual always go the extra mile.

How to Dunk: The Nine Facets of Vertical Training


There are nine elements to consider when doing a vertical leap training which, in effect, enhances one potential in learning how to dunk. These factors include
-speed or quickness
-neurological conditioning and recruitment
-stability and balance
– hereditary factors, and
– body composition

Hiller has conscientiously compiled the athletic knowledge he has gathered through years of expert coaching and mentoring Olympians, athletes, and other trainers themselves. And because his how to dunk guide uses only time-tested principles, you can be assured that you’re not just dealing with empty theories.

How to Dunk: What Can It Do For You?


Just a quick check: You want to learn how to dunk, right? Then that is the path Jump Manual will prepare your mind and body for. You can consult the internet and other fitness books about vertical jumping only to find yourself overwhelmed or dismayed by the abundance or lack of fitting information. The Jump Manual is a single e-book that has laid out a simple, straight on workout plan guaranteeing you’ll learn how to dunk in a relatively short amount of training time. It will teach you nutrition facts, proper diet, full body workouts, and a host of other how to dunk training essentials.

How to Dunk: The Workout Routine


Athletes successfully learn how to dunk by doing the right exercises at the right pace and at the right frequency. In this how to dunk manual, you will not be taught too long and repetitive sets of exercises. Instead, he has tailored the workout routines based on the most effective ways that help pack up muscles and build strength faster. A combination of plyometrics, weight resistance training, stretching exercises, and other vital movements done the Jump Manual way is the ultimate means of learning how to dunk effectively.

How to Dunk: The Nutritional Plan


You can do all the exercises Hiller has listed in this how to dunk manual and attain the form and agility necessary to hit that ring. But if you think that upping your vertical only depends on exercise and thousands of practice reps, you are very mistaken. The key, which most training methods lack, is nutrition. The right nutrition will fuel your physical body all the while you are on training. Understand food science and your body’s composition better using the most authoritative how to dunk guide like the Jump Manual.

How to Dunk: What Should You Expect?


Should you decide to go give this how to dunk training kit a try, what should you look forward to? With a competitive price to pay for this how to dunk guide, Hiller says a 10-inch addition to your vertical jump in just 12 weeks of consistent training. And if that is not enough, you can also expect to find Jacob Hiller himself communicating with you personally, answering your questions, attending to your concerns and teaching you special stuff for one full month, free of charge. Just by wanting to learn how to dunk, you have been given direct access to a sports guru!

How to Dunk: Is It For You?


The big how-to-dunk answers to that is a resounding YES. If you are still in the struggling phase, this how to dunk e-book is just perfect for you. And if you already have a 40-inch vertical, Hiller’s one-on-one coaching offer is another viable option in addition to the how to dunk manual he is offering.

How to Dunk: The Verdict

All the efforts and investments you put into learning how to dunk will only be fruitful when you train with the best vertical jump coach there is.

Go Here To Download The Jump Manual Program From The Official Site


For a reasonable price and an exclusive one-on-one coaching with Jacob Hiller, you get nothing but authentic, time-tested strategies to get your “how to dunk” personal program and your vertical jump in top form.


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