How To Run Faster

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To start off let’s discuss what speed is. Speed is the fastness movement of the limbs, whether this limb is the runner’s legs or the shot putter’s arm. Speed is a very important factor in every sport. Speed can be your strength, your endurance and your top speed. Increasing your speed involves working on all these factores and improving them. Working on increasing your speed is something that should always be incorporated into your training.

What exercises can you use to help increase your speed? You can use sprinting drills where you start with a slow jog and then slowly work your way up to running as fast as you can. You always want to do a proper warm up and get your muscles loose. To improve your stride length you wan to work on training your msucle strength and power.   Speed workouts take a different approach than other training and require you to develop great flexibility. The speed and strength should be paralleled develop. The skill development technique must be learned in advance, practiced, and perfected before it is performed at such high speed levels.

When doing any type of speed exercises you should focus on short drills like sprinting and quickness exercises. Doing high reps or long duration exercises will work on your endurance and not your speed and quickness. Developing speed is a very specific type of training and needs to be done in a very controlled manner.

For a runner to be able to move faster and more quickly the muscles of the legs must contract much more quickly and the nervous system and brain must control these movements more efficiently. If you have consistently maintain a certain speed training all throughout a year, both your nervous system and your muscles will not lose the feeling of moving at fast speed, thus the brain will not have to learn again the right control patterns in the future. Follow these tips and you are sure to increase your speed and improve your performance on the field.

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