Jump Higher in Basketball

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Jump Higher in Basketball – Learn how to jump Higher in Basketball

Improved Vertical Jump – Uncovering the Basics to Jump Higher In Basketball

Many basketball players aim to improve their leaping ability. Aside from gaining the capability of dunking, a good jump could also help in rebounds and jump shots. You can even say that a player can drastically change the way he or she plays if they improve this ability. Luckily, because of advanced understanding of our body, this special skill is no longer just an in-born talent. Anyone who has the patience and determination should be able to develop their leap fast.

Jumping and Your Body
The most important aspect in developing this particular skill is your body. While concentrating on exercises to jump higher, it’s important that you reduce as much fat as possible. If you think you’re overweight, try to knock-off some pounds but you should never get yourself too thin. You still need the muscles in your body. Professional basketball players do not starve to reduce weight but develop their muscles to improve their performance, including their leaping capability.

“Defying Gravity”
Another secret method is to condition your body against the pull of gravity. Sounds complicated but it’s actually very easy. While you are very comfortable with your body, push yourself further by adding weights in your feet. This will make you feel like you’re lifting something. In the first few hours, you will have some trouble adjusting but you’ll slowly forget that you’re actually carrying something.
This small exercise is very helpful and practical since you can do this practically everywhere. The weights you add in your feet can be covered by pants so you can wear them even at work or at school. When you take the weights off, you’ll feel lighter and you will notice an improvement in your leaps.

Jump Exercises
It’s true that a good way to increase the height your leap is to jump constantly. But there are actually some techniques that will rapidly increase the body’s ability to launch higher. The secret is actually on the lower part of the body. Constantly exercise your leg muscles as this will be your “fuel” that will push your body higher. Basic exercises such as knee bends and elevated jumps can help your lower body develop the muscle needed. Another popular exercise is the “stair jumps” wherein different types of jumping methods are used on stairs.

These exercises and methods are very grueling but equally rewarding. Just be patient and use these methods. There is no magic formula that will lead you to jump higher in basketball as hard work is the biggest key to your goals.

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