Kevin Durant shows a spark

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Kevin Durant finally got a little vocal after one of his games and took a shot at Chris Bosh from the game Sunday night.   The two double technicals in the first quarter set the tone early for a playoff type game.   The game had a playoff atmosphere with Miami’s Big Three and OK City’s Top Three both filling up the scoreboard.   James, Wade, Bosh, Durant, Westbrook, and Green all put up at least 20 points.   After this game, those OK City Thunder courtside should be a tough to get.  The story though was from Durant after the game when he said that Bosh was a “fake tough guy”.   Bosh is the weakest link of the Big Three, but they’re the biggest team of the year, and Durant wanted to go after them.   It’s good to see Durant show some emotion every once in a while, even if it’s a little negative.  It’s more fun when basketball players don’t like each other at least a little bit. Now that the Thunder are a contender in the West and have a couple all-star players, they probably need a rival.  Try to get Thunder Magic tickets before this team takes off on a winning streak and they’re more expensive to see.  Lakers-Celtics are an ancient rivalry and have renewed it again recently, now the suddenly contenders-for-the-forseeable-future Heat and Thunder each need rivals.  If they stay good, get your OKC Thunder courtside tickets while you can.  You’d think the Heat would have an in-state thing with the Magic, but Florida doesn’t care about sports so that doesn’t count.  The Thunder and Heat each have three top young players, so it seems like a rivalry would be a fit.   The Magic just don’t have multiple elite players like the Thunder and Heat have.  With Durant and Bosh talking a little trash and Durant taking a shot in the media after the game, their next one should be interesting, and it’s already booked for ESPN on Wednesday March 16th, so set the DVR now, it should be another playoff-atmosphere game.  After that game, if they met again, it would be in the Finals. 

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