Pacers shake things up and fire the coach, Bird is safe

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Right now, those Pacers Knicks tickets aren’t too hard to get.  The Pacers fired head coach Jim O’Brien and hired their long-time assistant Frank Vogel as new head coach. The Pacers haven’t made the playoffs in 4 years, but how can you blame O’Brien?   The coach should be fired if the team underachieves, and the GM (Larry Bird for the Pacers) should be fired if the team isn’t built well.   Donnie Walsh should get credit for building the great Pacers teams that everyone remembers from the early part of the decade.  With this team, O’Brien shouldn’t get too much credit, they’re under .500 again, but this team would be overachieving if they were at .500 or better. 

Bird hasn’t done much with the team.   He’s had some tough situations with Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson with the incident in Detroit, but it seems like Bird gets a free pass because he’s an NBA legend.   Danny Granger is the only real asset the Pacers have right now, although Posey is riding the bench now and could help a contender.

08-09 (first with Larry Bird in charge): O’Neal traded to the Raptors, TJ Ford and Jarrett Jack join the team.  Drafted Brandon Rush, Roy Hibbert.  Only Hibbert is now a starter.

09-10:New players, Dahntay Jones, Earl Watson, Luther Head, and Solomon Jones.  Tyler Hansbrough and AJ Price were drafted.

10-11: Lance Stephenson gets drafted then beats up his girlfriend, yet to see a game this season.  Darren Collison and James Posey traded for Troy Murphy.  Collison hasn’t been able to put up the same points and assists that he did with the Hornets, probably because hte same talent isn’t around him anymore.  Posey has a sizable contract, making over $7 million to play with a team that isn’t a running team anymore.  They need to trade Posey.


The Pacers remind me of the Rockets but worse. They have some assets, collecting them to try to trade for one big star, but their assets aren’t close to the talent level as the Rockets.  The team needs to just tank this season (sorry if you’ve got Indiana Pacers tickets), but it doesn’t look like there is anyone good enough in the NCAA this year worth tanking for.  Preseason top NCAA players have been disappointing, especially Harrison Barnes and Kyrie Irving (yes he’s injured but still). Now that Granger enters his prime, it seems like he isn’t good enough to be the franchise player they hoped, so they need to pair him with an elite PG if they want a chance. If they can get one, maybe those Pacers Suns tickets will be tougher to get.

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