Rockets add C Brad Miller

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The Houston Rockets signed C Brad Miller for $15 million over three-years .  Houston Rockets coach Rick Adelman was with Miller in Sacremento and was critical to getting him signed.  Rockets player Kevin Martin, who also played with Miller, helped in the recruiting process also .  With a solid backup for Yao, those Rockets Warriors ticketsmight be harder to get next year.

Miller gives the Rockets much after having to play 6’6″ Chuck Hayes in the middle after Yao Ming was lost early in the season .  There was also talk that Yao’s injury may have been career ending , so the Rockets urgently needed a solid backup with some size to fill in for Yao if he has trouble returning from injury.  Looking at Yao’s injury history, there’s an extremely good chance he’ll get a few starts next season, especially at the end of the year.   Yao hates playing at the end of the year, last year was the fourth year in a row he missed the last game of the season.

Rockets GM Daryl Morey was smart to let all the huge deals pass by and find a good backup for a reasonable price to complete the team.  He was able to re-sign Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola, which he called the team’s top priority this offseason but found a way to add a body in the front court .  Chuck Hayes is too small start in the middle, and David Andersen didn’t play a single minute after March 19th(the Rockets last 15 games). 

The Rockets needed a good backup who is a “true” Center, which the 7′ Miller will be.  The third year of the contract is only partially guaranteed, so if he is horrible by his third year into the deal (he’ll be 37, so very possible ), the Rockets can get rid of him without severe consequences . 

The Rockets should have an exciting team next year if Yao can stay healthy .  If so, those Rockets courtside might sell out.  There’s not one big star on the team, the Rockets explored a sign-and-trade with Chris Bosh to be the star , but that didn’t work out .  That might be for the best , assuming the Rockets were going to give Bosh a max deal, it might look like a bad deal after the next CBA is signed.  Maybe Morey didn’t offer Bosh absolute max money , either way, he hasn’t made any regrettable contract mistakes so far.  Brad Miller for three-years and $15 million looks like a good contract for a quality backup and some Yao insurance.

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