Stretch and Warm Up Before Physical Activity

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The Importance of Stretching Before Doing Sport

Participating in any kind of exciting sports is a fun way to increase physical activity, increase self-confidence and build friendships. But, if you do not stretch and warm up before participate in sports, you could also find that doing these sports leads to injuries, strains and soreness. This is why it is so important to do some stretches and warming up before doing any sport.

One of the main problems that occur with stretching and warming up is that it is not done enough or in the proper areas. Stretching should be performed with care and take as much time as required. You may spend up to twenty minutes just stretching, especially if you are going to be taking part in a lot of strenuous exercise. It is important to take all the time needed because if you do not spend suficient time stretching, you may end up damaging yourself even more than if you had not stretch at all. You must never miss your stretching routine, no matter how much of a hurry you are in!

Stretching and warming up is done so that you can limber up muscles that are usually underused or weaker. This prevents injuries and lets you loosen up all of your muscles, including the ones that are stiff from not being used. Stretching also helps to correct muscle imbalances that can hinder a game or a exercise routine. Finally, warm-ups and stretching will get your blood flowing, warm you up if it is cold where you will be playing, and help you to mentally prepare for the activity.

Before you set out any exercise or sports, warm up first. You can do this by performing simple movements to get your muscles warmed up. This can be as unsophisticated as doing a walk or a slow jog around the room, some jump jacks or any kind of movement that is slow and easy to do. Then, once you are warmed up, you can move on to stretching. Stretches should be done steadily and slowly; each stretch should be held for at least five seconds – although preferably 30 counts – and repeated several times, in order to be certain that your muscles are warmed up. The type of stretches will vary by activity, but you should always make sure to identify your main muscle areas: legs, arms, back, and shoulders.

Once you are warmed up and stretched, then you are ready to play! Exciting exercise is the way to a longer life and you will be able to enjoy your sport without worrying about tearing a muscle or torturing yourself. And remember, cooling down and stretching after sports activity will help your muscles recover quicker and will assist you in avoiding sore, tense muscles the next day.

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