The Heart In Kevin Garnett by Jeffrey Epstein

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As a kid, Jeffrey Epstein kept wishing to grow taller, he didn’t. To his dismay he endured from “no hops” the white man condition. In one of the last games he played, he only stands 6 inches and 80 pounds as compared to the center from the opposing team. Their center quit the league after the game simply because he got demoralized by his defense. Jeffrey Epstein has a huge heart, thus he believes that he has the right to write articles about exhibitions of heart in sports.

I discovered Kevin Garnett at the Fabulous Forum which is, at that time, the present dwelling of the Los Angeles Lakers. This was when KG was still young and in the middle of a ten year deal guaranteeing him the biggest paycheck in the league for its duration. He played for the Minnesota Timberwolves. In this day and age, he would have been excused for mailing in some games. However, he didn’t. On the night I saw him the Lakers took over from the opening tip. It was apparent who is gaining the game even before half-time. KG played his ass off the entire night, virtually every minute of the game. The guy did have a heart.

Heart is a strange animal. If it’s included, one is capable of things they never imagined. It’s powerful stuff, but temperamental and fragile. Dennis Rodman comes to mind. I noticed him play for the Lakers, which was then trained by Kurt Rambis, in the initial few games of the season. I had excellent seats and I witnessed something truly special. From the starting tip, Dennis took over the whole game and not once did he even take a shot. It was a remarkable perspective. A few weeks later, I went to another Laker game. It was not a good year, even at that early point for the Lakers and Dennis obviously was not impressed with Kurt’s coaching abilities. You could observe the heart just melt off. From that point onwards, Dennis was a mere human.

Going back to Kevin Garnet. I could not comprehend why KG didn’t win the MVP merit for his initial year at Boston. He played with all his heart, played hard, played fair, and he put up an excellent defense for the Celtics. He changed the tradition and the locker room of the franchise. That is one hard to find player. The following year he suffers his first main injury of his profession and is left waiting around for the next year. He appeared horrible that next year. Nevertheless, I believe that if the same thing happened to some other player, they would’ve spent the rest of the year doing rehabilitation. You could tell KG was frustrated at his body for letting him down. He was pissed that pure dedication was not sufficient to overcome his physical restrictions. And here we are, the start of a new season and he has the hops and the range of movement and the pace and quickness that were lacking all last year. Jeffrey Epstein believes that it be worth it to watch him and observe how far he can get with his heart.

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