What seed will the Miami Heat be in the playoffs?

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If the Miami Heat keep playing this way, they will be the #1 seed in the NBA playoffs. They should be a high seed regardless, so go get those Heat Cavaliers tickets now. The way attendance is now, it won’t really matter, the Heat don’t have much of a home court advantage because they have to beg their fans to show up on time for games.   No team in Florida has good fans. Tampa Bay Rays struggled with attendance as they fought to win the division against the Yankees.  The Dolphins went 1-7 at home, not much of a home field advantage there.  The U haven’t been as good lately, and attendance has dropped.  If the Heat can get to #1 in the East, expect those Heat Nets tickets to go up in price.

The Heat could get to the best record because of how weak the East is, and they’re best bench player, Mike Miller is getting healthy while the Celtics seem to be getting injured.   Each O’Neal is dealing with his own injury problems, and the Celtics Big Three have been a little nicked up already.   Rondo had an injury already, and the Big Three should limit their minutes toward the end of the year because they keep getting older.  

If Mike Miller can be a factor, it will help the Heat win a few extra games because he’s much better than players playing in the minutes he would get.   Miami is just behind Boston for the #1 spot in the East.  Miami needs every advantage they can get, including home court, because their style of play typically doesn’t do well in the playoffs.   But, no other offensive minded team has had LeBron, Wade, and Bosh together.   Come the playoffs, LeBron and Nash will need to turn on the D to have a chance to get by Boston and Chicago.

If you live in Miami, go get some Heat Kings tickets and help support the team to get home court advantage.  They’ll need it in the playoffs.

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